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CEAS# TitleForeign Title Director Year Status
C0103AE'erduosi Storm, The (Disc 1)鄂尔多斯风暴 HAO Guang1962Available
C0103BE'erduosi Storm, The (Disc 2)鄂尔多斯风暴 HAO Guang1962Available
J0351Eagle and Hawk鷲と鷹 INOUE Umetsugu1957Available
R25Eagle and Hawk鷲と鷹Inoue Umetsugu1957Available
J2120EEagle and Hawk鷲と鷹INOUE Umetsugu1957Available
C0094Eagle Shadow Fist顶天立地 JUE Muk1973Available
J0400Early Spring早春 OZU Yasujiro1956Available
J1807Early Spring早春OZU Yasujiro1956Available
C0572AEarly Spring (Disc 1)早春二月 XIE Tieli1963Available
C0572BEarly Spring (Disc 2)早春二月 XIE Tieli1963Available
J1207Early Spring Story早春物語SAWAI Shinichiro1985Available
J0047Early Summer麦秋OZU Yasujiro1951Available
J0401Early Summer麦秋OZU Yasujiro1951Available
C1524Early Train from Taipei, The台北發的早車LIANG Che Fu1964Available
J0048EarthUCHIDA Tomu1939Available
C0096AEast is Red, The (Disc 1)东方红 JU Ti1965Available
C0096BEast is Red, The (Disc 2)东方红 JU Ti1965Available
J1001EAST MEETS WESTイースト ミ-ッ ウエストOKAMOTO Kihachi1995Available
C0968East Palace, West Palace東宮西宮ZHANG Yuan1996Available
C1777East Wind State Farm, The国营东风农场HU Jie2009Available
C0098AEastward Marching Overture (Disc 1)东进序曲 HUA Chun, SU Fan1962Available
C0098BEastward Marching Overture (Disc 2)东进序曲 HUA Chun, SU Fan1962Available
AA06Eat a Bowl of TeaWayne WANG1989Available
C0551Eat Drink Man Woman饮食男女 LEE Ang1994Available
C1807Ebb and FLow退潮KE Chin-yuan2010Available
J2122EEcho of Love, The山と谷と雲USHIHARA Yoichi1959Available
C1487Echoes of the Rainbow歲月神偷LAW Alex2010Available
J1030 Ecstasy of the Angels天使の恍惚WAKAMATSU Koji1972Available
J2322Eden of the East I: The King of Eden東のエデン I: The King of EdenKenji KAMIYAMA2009Available
J2323Eden of the East II: Paradise Lost東のエデン II: Paradise LostKenji KAMIYAMA2010Available
J2637Edo Sangokushi江戸三国志HAGIWARA Ryo 1956Available
J2638Edo Sangokushi Kanketsu Jinrai Hen江戸三国志 完結迅雷篇HAGIWARA Ryo1956Available
J2639Edo Sangokushi Shippu Hen江戸三国志 疾風篇HAGIWARA Ryo1956Available
J2100Edogawa Ranpo no Issunboshi江戸川乱歩の一寸法師UCHIKAWA Seiichirou1955Available
C1674Educating her son三娘教子YAN Dewei2001Available
C1473Education of a Singer at the Beijing Opera, TheQUIQUEMELLE Marie-Claire1994Available
C1314Edward Burtynsky: Manufactured Landscapes BAICHWAL Jennifer2007Available
J1673Eel, TheうなぎIMAMURA Shohei1997Available
J0427Eight Hours of Terror8時間の恐怖SUZUKI Seijun1957Available
C1692AEight Sledgehammers (Disc 1)八大锤Tianjin Opera Troupe2000Available
C1692BEight Sledgehammers (Disc 2)八大锤Tianjin Opera Troupe2000Available
C1000Eight Thousand Li of Clouds and Moon八千里路云和月SHI Dongshan1947Not Available
C0012AEight Thousand Li of Clouds and Moon (Disc 1)八千里路雲和月 SHI Dongshan1947Available
C0012BEight Thousand Li of Clouds and Moon (Disc 2)八千里路雲和月 SHI Dongshan1947Available
J0462Eighteen Roughs嵐を呼ぶ十八人YOSHIDA Kiju1963Available
C1091Eighteen Springs半生缘HUI Ann1997Available
J0234Eijanaikaええじゃないか IMAMURA Shohei1981Available
J0567Eko Eko Azarak: Birth of the WizardエコエコアザラクII SATO Shimako1996Available
J0568Eko Eko Azarak: Misa the Dark AngelエコエコアザラクIII MISA THE DARK ANGEL SATO Shimako1998Available
J0566Eko Eko Azarak: Wizard of Darknessエコエコアザラク WIZARD OF DARKNESSSATO Shimako1995Available
C1454Election 2黒社會:以和為貴 TO Johnnie2006Available
J1482Electric Dragon 80.000VElectric Dragon 80.000VISHII Sogo2001Missing
J1483Electric Dragon 80.000V CDElectric Dragon 80.000V CD2001Missing
J0081Elegant Beastしとやかな獣KAWASHIMA Yuzo1962Available
C1937Elephant Sitting Still, An大象席地而坐HU Bo2018Available
J2266Eli, Eli, Lema Sabachthani?エリ・エリ レマ サバクタニAOYAMA Shinji2005Available
J0706EM: EmbalmingエンバーミングAOYAMA Shinji1999Available
J1659Embracing / KyaKaRaBaAにつつまれて / きゃからばあKAWASE Naomi1992 / 2001Available
J1659Embracing / KyaKaRaBaAにつつまれて / きゃからばあKAWASE Naomi1992 / 2001Available
J1659xEmbracing / KyaKaRaBaAにつつまれて / きゃからばあKAWASE Naomi1992 / 2001Available
J1040Embryo Hunts in Secret, The胎児が密猟する時 WAKAMATSU Koji1966Available
K0725Emissary Unreturned, The돌아오지 않은 밀사SHIN Sang-ok1984Available
C0819AEmperor and the Assassin, The (Disc 1)荆轲刺秦王CHEN Kaige1998Available
C0819BEmperor and the Assassin, The (Disc 2)荆轲刺秦王CHEN Kaige1998Available
K0611Emperor Gojong and An Jung-geun, the Patriot고종황제와 의사 안중근JEON Chang-geun1959Available
J0619Emperor Meiji and General Nogi明治大帝と乃木将軍KOMORI Kiyoshi1959Available
J0617Emperor Meiji and the Great Russo-Japanese War明治天皇と日露大戦争WATANABE Kunio1957Available
J0617xEmperor Meiji and the Great Russo-Japanese War明治天皇と日露大戦WATANABE Kunio1957Available
J0295Emperor Meiji and the Great Russo-Japanese War, The明治天皇と日露大戦争 WATANABE Kunio1957Available
C1693Emperor Zhengde Meets Li Fengjie游龙戏凤N/A1987Available
J0296Emperor, Empress and the Sino-Japanese War天皇・皇后と日清戦争 NAMIKI Kyotaro1958Available
J0613Emperor's Naked Army Marches On, Theゆきゆきて神軍HARA Kazuo1987Available
J1470Emperor's Naked Army Marches On, Theゆきゆきて、神軍Hara Kazuo1987Available
C0673AEmperor's Shadow, The (Disc 1)秦颂ZHOU Xiaowen1996Available
C0673BEmperor's Shadow, The (Disc 2)秦颂ZHOU Xiaowen1996Available
J1857Empire of Passion愛の亡霊OSHIMA Nagisa1978Available
O34Empire of the SunSPIELBERG Steven1987Available
C1044Empress Wu武则天FANG Peilin1939Available
C0797Empress Wu Zetian / Dream of the Red Chamber武则天 / 红楼梦FANG Peilin, BU Wancang1939, 1944Available
J0088Enchanted Princess初春狸御殿KIMURA Keigo1959Available
C0307Enchanting Band迷人的乐队 WANG Haowei1985Available
C1098Enchanting Shadow倩女幽魂 LI Han-Hsiang1959Available
C1608End of Love愛到盡CHUNG Simon2009Available
J1811End of Summer, The小早川家の秋OZU Yasujiro1961Available
J1811xEnd of Summer, The小早川家の秋OZU Yasujiro1961Available
J0416Endless Desire果しなき欲望 IMAMURA Shohei1958Available
J0622Engagement Ring婚約指輪 (エンゲージ リング)KINOSHITA Keisuke1950Not Available
O54Enlightenment GuaranteedErleuchtung GarantiertDORRIE Doris1999Available
J1064Enoken no kentokyo ichidaikiエノケンの拳闘狂一代記WATANABE Kunio1949Available
J1063Enoken's Home Run Kingエノケンのホームラン王WATANABE Kunio1948Available
J0049Enoken's Tale of Youth's Follyエノケンの青春酔虎伝YAMAMOTO Kajiro1934Available
J1981Enter Kyoshiro Nemuri The Swordsman眠狂四郎殺法帖TANAKA Tokuzo1963Available
C1791Enter the Clowns丑角登场CUI Zi'en2002Available
C0890Enter the Dragon龙争虎斗LEE Bruce1973Available
C0597Enter the Land of the Daughters走进女儿国 ZHENG HongzhiN/AAvailable
O46xEnterprise: The Colonel Comes to JapanNATHAN John1981Available
O46Enterprise: The Colonel Comes to JapanNATHAN John1981Available
J0779Entrails of a Beautiful Woman美女のはらわたGaira, KOMIZU Kazuo1986Available
J0778Entrails of a Virgin処女のはらわたGaira (KOMIZU Kazuo)1986Available
K0184Eoudong어우동LEE Jang-ho1985Available
C1202Epic of Central Plains, The中原紀事AI Xiaoming2006Available
C1352BEpic of the Central Plains (Disc 2)中原紀事AI Xiaoming, HU Jie2006Available
C1352AEpic of the Central Plains (Part 1)中原紀事AI Xiaoming, HU Jie2006Available
K0331Epitaph기담JEONG Beom-sik, JEONG Sik2007Available
K0353AEpitaph기담JUNG Sik, JUNG Bum-sik2007Available
K0353BEpitaph (Special Features)기담JUNG Sik, JUNG Bum-sik2007Available
J1048Epitome縮図SHINDO Kaneto1953Available
J0916Epoch of Murder Madness殺人狂時代OKAMOTO Kihachi1967Available
J0051Equinox Flower彼岸花 OZU Yasujiro1958Available
J0408Equinox Flower彼岸花 OZU Yasujiro1958Available
J1809Equinox Flower彼岸花 OZU Yasujiro1958Available
J1809xEquinox Flower彼岸花 OZU Yasujiro1958Available
J2434AEra of Fascism and Cultural Newspaper "Doyobi (Saturday)", Theファシズムと文化新聞『土曜日』の時代 NOSE Katsuo2012Available
J2434BEra of Fascism and Cultural Newspaper "Doyobi (Saturday)", Theファシズムと文化新聞『土曜日』の時代 NOSE Katsuo2012Available
J1299Eriko江梨子KIMURA Keigo1962Available
C0742Ermo二嫫 ZHOU Xiaowen1994Available
J0449Eros + Massacreエロス+虐殺 YOSHIDA Kiju1970Available
J0450Eros Plus Massacre (long version)エロス+虐殺 (ロングバージョン)YOSHIDA Kiju1969Available
J0489Escape at Dawn暁の脱走 TANIGUCHI Senkichi1950Available
J0463Escape from Japan日本脱出 YOSHIDA Kiju1964Available
J0440Escape into Terror太陽への脱出MASUDA Toshio1963Available
J2126CEscape Into Terror太陽への脱出MASUDA Toshio1963Available
C0521AEscort (Disc 1)押解的故事 QI Xing2000Available
C0521BEscort (Disc 2)押解的故事 QI Xing2000Available
K0014AEternal Empire, The (Disc 1)영원한 제국 PARK Chong-won1994Available
K0014BEternal Empire, The (Disc 2)영원한 제국 PARK Chong-won1994Available
J2127BEternal Life, The敗れざるものMATSUO Akinori1964Available
J1498AEternal stage ~ NHK 1977-1994 ~ (Disc 1)永遠のステージ ~NHK 1977-1994~N/A1977-1994Available
J1498BEternal stage ~ NHK 1977-1994 ~ (Disc 2)永遠のステージ ~NHK 1977-1994~N/A1977-1994Available
C1609Eternal Summer盛夏光年CHEN Leste2006Available
C1699Eternal Wave, The永不消逝的电波WANG Ping1958Available
J0248EurekaユリイカAOYAMA Shinji2000Available
C0453Evening Bell晚钟 WU Ziniu1988Available
C1860Evening Liaison人约黄昏 CHEN Yifei1995Available
C0379AEvening Liaison (Disc 1)人约黄昏 CHEN Yifei1995Available
C0379BEvening Liaison (Disc 2)人约黄昏 CHEN Yifei1995Available
C1394Events in Commemoration of Xu Guangqi几何原本N/A2007Available
C0558AEverlasting Radio Signals, The (Disc 1)永不消失的电波 WANG Ping1958Available
C0558BEverlasting Radio Signals, The (Disc 2)永不消失的电波 WANG Ping1958Available
O168AEveryday Chinese: Authentic Language for Real-life Communication汉语900句Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press2006Available
O168BEveryday Chinese: Authentic Language for Real-life Communication汉语900句Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press2006Available
O168CEveryday Chinese: Authentic Language for Real-life Communication汉语900句Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press2006Available
O168DEveryday Chinese: Authentic Language for Real-life Communication汉语900句Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press2006Available
O168EEveryday Chinese: Authentic Language for Real-life Communication (Book)汉语900句Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press2006Available
J0777Evil Dead Trap死霊の罠IKEDA Toshiharu1988Available
J1791Evil of Dracula: The Bloodthirsty Roses血を吸う薔薇YAMAMOTO Michio1974Available
C0540AEvil Queen (Disc 1)一代妖后 LEE Han-hsiang1989Available
C0540BEvil Queen (Disc 2)一代妖后 LEE Han-hsiang1989Available
J0511Evil Spirits of Japan日本の悪霊 KUROKI Kazuo1970Available
J2019Evil Trio, The大悪党MASUMURA Yasuzo1968Available
K0548Evil Twin, The전설의 고향KIM Ji-hwan2006Available
C0104Examining the Son in the Rear Chamber二堂审子 Wuhan City Chu Opera TroupeN/AAvailable
C1633AExchanging a Leopard Cat for a Prince Part 1 (Disc 1)狸猫换太子N/A1998Available
C1633BExchanging a Leopard Cat for a Prince Part 1 (Disc 2)狸猫换太子N/A1998Available
C1633CExchanging a Leopard Cat for a Prince Part 1 (Disc 3)狸猫换太子N/A1998Available
C1634AExchanging a Leopard Cat for a Prince Part 2 (Disc 1)狸猫换太子N/A1998Available
C1634BExchanging a Leopard Cat for a Prince Part 2 (Disc 2)狸猫换太子N/A1998Available
C1635AExchanging a Leopard Cat for a Prince Part 3 (Disc 1)狸猫换太子N/A1998Available
C1635BExchanging a Leopard Cat for a Prince Part 3 (Disc 2)狸猫换太子N/A1998Available
J0191Excitement of the Do-Re-Mi-Fa Girl, Theドレミファ娘の血は騒ぐKUROSAWA Kiyoshi 1985Available
C1469Execution in Autumn秋決LEE Hsing1972Available
C1822Exit迴光奏鳴曲HSIANG Chienn2014Available
K0383Expanded Celluloid, Extended Phonograph확장된 셀룰로이드, 연장된 포노그래프LEE Hang-jun and HONG Chul-ki2004~2008Available
C0989Experimental Taiwanese月球學園WU Mi-sen2003Available
J1983Exploits of Kyoshiro Nemuri眠狂四郎円月斬りYASUDA Kimiyoshi1964Available
J0052Explorer Woman RayエクスプローラーウーマンHAYASHI Hiroki1989Available
C0432AExpress Train (Disc 1)特快列车 ZHAO Xinshui1965Available
C0432BExpress Train (Disc 2)特快列车 ZHAO Xinshui1965Available
J0306Exquisite Short Films of Kihachiro Kawamoto, TheKAWAMOTO Kihachiro1968, 1970, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1976, 1979Available
C0309AExtraordinary Murder Case in the Republic of China (Disc 1)民国特大谋杀案 ZHANG Hui1990Available
C0309BExtraordinary Murder Case in the Republic of China (Disc 2)民国特大谋杀案 ZHANG Hui1990Available
J2523Extreme Private Eros Love Song 1974極私的エロス・恋歌1974 HARA Kazuo 1974Available
K0540Eye for an Eye눈에는 눈 이에는 이AHN Kwon-tae, KAWK Kyung-taek2008Available
C1874Eye, The見鬼PANG Brothers, PANG Oxide Chun, PANG Danny2002Available
C0923Eyes of a Beauty西施眼GUAN Hu2002Available