10+10 (Special Features)

Director:CHANG Sylvia, HOU Hsiao Hsien, WU Nien Jen, WANG Xiao Di, CHU Yen Ping, CHENG Wen Tang, Leon DAI, CHEN Kuo Fu, CHEN Yu Xun, WANG Tong, CHANG Tso Chi, CHUNG Mong Hong, CHENG Yu Chieh, SHEN Ko Shang, WEI Te Sheng, Gillies YANG, HO Wi Ding, CHEN Arvin, HOU Ji Ran, XIAO Ya Quan
Subtitles:English, Chinese Trad.
RunningTime:114 min.
Series:Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival Executive Committee, Sky Digi Entertainment
Category:Short Film
Description:Disc 2 of 2. Special features. Initiated by the Golden Horse Film Festival, 10+10 is a collaborative project that brings together 20 Taiwanese film directors, each given free rein to create a 5-minute short under the central theme of "Taiwan's uniqueness". The resulting anthology, encompassing a whole spectrum of genres, styles, and subjects, is not only a showcase for the creativity and diversity of contemporary Taiwan cinema, but also a love letter to the island they call home. An official selection of the Panorama section at the 62nd Berlin International Film Festival, 10+10 comprises 20 short films from a dream team of renowned masters and promising new talents: Destined Eruption (directed by Wang Shau Di), The Ritual (directed by Wang Tong), The Orphans (directed by Chu Yen Ping), 100 (directed by Ho Wi Ding), A Grocery Called Forever (directed by Wu Nien Jen), La Belle Epoque (directed by Hou Hsiao Hsien), Bus Odyssey (directed by Shen Ko Shang), Green Island Serenade (directed by Hou Chi Jan), The Dusk of the Gods (directed by Sylvia Chang), Sparkles (directed by Chang Tso Chi), Hippocamp Hair Salon (directed by Chen Yu Hsun), The Debut (directed by Chen Kuo Fu), Lane 256 (directed by Arvin Chen), The Singing Boy (directed by Gillies Yang), Old Man & Me (directed by Cheng Wen Tang), Unwritten Rules (directed by Cheng Yu Chieh), Something's Gotta Give (directed by Xiao Ya Quan), Key (directed by Leon Dai), Reverberation (directed by Chung Mong Hong), Debut (directed by Wei Te Sheng)

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