Korea: The Unknown War

Director:Thames TV
Subtitles:In English
RunningTime:360 min.
Series:Thames TV
KeyWords:Professor Cumings; Korean War
Description:DVD burned from VHS. This documentary includes interviews with over 100 participants and eyewitnesses in the war: Many important soldiers, civilians, historians and policy-makers from the USA, UK, Australia, North and South Korea, China, the Soviet Union and Eastern bloc. This documentary follows the chronology of military events, interspersed with important issues and controversies that make the Korean War a fascinating subject. It is composed of 6 one-hour episodes that were initially shown on BBC's Channel 4 on the following dates: Episode 1: "Many Roads to War" June 18, 1988 Episode 2: "An Arrogant Display of Strength" June 25, 1988 Episode 3: "There is No Substitute for Victory" July 2, 1988 Episode 4: "An Entirely New War" July 9, 1988 Episode 5: "The Battle for Minds" July 16, 1988 Episode 6: "Armed Truce" July 30, 1988 After much revision and editing of its original content by WGBH/Boston, it was shown on PBS in the USA two years later.

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